2017 Annual Member Social Recap

The 2017 Annual Member Social was a great success. Our theme was “Unmasking the Future” and the events truly captured the mood of this luxurious and classy week. You can see photos of the 2017 Annual Member Social by clicking here.

We welcomed more than 300 participants this year to a meeting that offers opportunities for members to meet their Club and resort representatives as well as catch up with old friends and new. Meeting packets and gifts are provided to each member; this year’s conference gifts were beach bags and thermoses, champagne and masquerade masks that corresponded to the “Unmasking the Future” theme. With two days filled to the brim with events, the members left informed, enlightened, entertained and well fed.

The Annual Member Social is an opportunity for members to interact with other members and UVC International. There were updates from the resort and Club managers to discuss Club membership.

The Villa del Palmar Flamingos staff truly outdid themselves creating three outstanding parties. The first was a welcome cocktail party. Located in the lobby, guests were delighted with an array of appetizers and beverages. The second was the Eagle’s Wings Dinner and Auction featuring children from the charity playing musical instruments; the youth amazed the audience by how young and talented they were. The third occasion was an “Unmasking the Future” grand finale dinner party featuring lavish food stations, a Phantom of the Opera-inspired dance performance, song and dance numbers to get the audience out of their seats, and stunning décor that transformed the venue into a unique celebration.

We hope to see you at the next Annual Member Social on Wednesday, October 24 and Thursday, October 25, 2018.


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