Fest of the Seas

Join the Fest of the Seas Festival at Villa del Palmar Flamingos from March 14-17, 2018 to celebrate the beauty of the ocean. Learn how to fish like an expert, prepare the best fish, and taste exquisite meals caught and prepared by our talented chefs. There will also be sea salt therapy exfoliations offered at the spa, bike margarita making by the pool, and beer drinking contests overlooking the sea.

Activities Include:

Opening Cocktail: Kick off the Fest of the Seas Festival with an opening cocktail reception.

Occurs: Wednesday, March 14th from 7 pm-8 pm

Attarya (Fishing Technique) Class: Learn from an expert fisherman the technique of Atarraya, which is used by local fisherman to reel in the best catch of the day.

Occurs: Thursday, March 14th from 12 pm-1 pm

Sea Bracelet Making: Walk the beach to find your favorite seashells to make a bracelet with. The best bracelets will receive a special prize from the resort.

Occurs: Thursday, March 15th from 1 pm-2 pm

Sarandeado Fish Pairing: Our Executive Chef will show you how to prepare the Sarandeado Fish using a traditional recipe in Nayarit.

Occurs: Thursday, March 15th from 3 pm-4 pm

Fisherman Dinner: Enjoy the Sarandeado Fish prepared by our Executive Chef at El Patron.

Occurs: Thursday, March 15th from 7 pm-10 pm

Ceviche Class: Learn how to make fresh ceviche from the sea.

Occurs: Friday, March 16th from 1 pm -2 pm

Margarita Bike: Make your own cocktail by peddling a bicycle attached to a blender.

Occurs: Friday, March 16th from 3 pm-4 pm

Lobster Dinner: Savor a Pacific Lobster Dinner paired with Mexican wines at El Patron Restaurant.

Occurs: Friday, March 16th from 7 pm-10 pm

Sea Salt Therapy Exfoliation: Pamper yourself by exfoliating your feet in sea salt therapy at the Tatewari Spa. Sea salt activates circulation, removes dead skin and smooths over impurities.

Occurs: Saturday, March 17th from 12 pm-1 pm

Canoe Making Contest: Make a canoe out of sand to enter into this contest.

Occurs: Saturday, March 17th from 1 pm- 2 pm

The beach area where we will make the canoes.

Beer Drinking Contest: Put those beer chugging skills to use by competing in our beer drinking contest on St. Patrick’s Day!

Occurs: Saturday, March 17th from 3 pm-4 pm

Zarandeado Fish Dinner Buffet: Enjoy fish prepared with the local region’s style in this dinner buffet.

Occurs: Saturday, March 17th from 7 pm-10 pm

These activities are being offered from March 14 – 17, 2018 only as part of a special event.

The resorts reserve the right to modify or cancel these activities at any time without notice. To make your reservation and/or to purchase options for this event please call 800-852-4755 and reference “Fest of the Seas” today!



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