New Points Redemption Policy & Update

We are pleased to announce that your Points Redemption Program has extended the percentage of the allocated club points that you can use towards paying for pre-ordered services. You can now use all of your available club points towards paying for the services you order through the Points Redemption Program when you make your reservation or prior to your arrival at the resort.

Not only does your membership provide you with access to the best accommodations and beaches in Mexico, but you can also use your points towards services and added privileges. The Points Redemption Program gives members more choices, added luxuries, and a greater flexibility.

Now use 100% of your available points towards 60% of the total purchase.

Prior to this change, members could use half of their available club points to pay towards services such as spa treatments, grocery packages, meal plans and more. With this new extra privilege, members can use all of their annual points allowance and any or all banked and borrowed points to pre-pay for up to 60% the price of services and products at any of the resorts covered by your membership when you make your reservations. The remaining 40% must be paid with a credit card.

How to use your points for services:

Step 1: Start off by making your reservation with Member Services by calling 800-852-4755.

Step 2: Choose the services and amenities you wish to add to your reservation.

Step 3: Use your club membership points to pay up to 60% the cost of certain luxury extras and services.

Please note that to take advantage of this service, it is preferable that you make your requests at the time of reservation or contact your pre-arrival service prior to your vacation.

What services can be paid with points?

When you call to make your reservation, the agents will provide you with assistance on the exact number of membership club points that you have and what services you can use the points for. There are a variety of services applicable for the Points Redemption Program; some of the most popular services include a fine dining all-inclusive meal plan, spa treatments, golf, private chef, groceries and more.

Paying for Golf Options at the Islands of Loreto 

In addition to the changes above, we are pleased to announce that for 2018 you can pay for ALL your golf options with 100% points at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. That’s right-there is no cash requirement!

Here is a list of golf options available that you may use your points for:

Option Name Regular Member Price 15% Off Elite Member Price 20% Off
Golf 18 Holes- Adult $ 203.00 $ 172.55 $ 162.40
Golf 18 Holes- Child $ 101.50 $ 86.28 $ 81.20
Golf 9 Holes- Adult $ 121.80 $ 103.53 $ 97.44
Golf 9 Holes- Child $ 60.90 $ 51.77 $ 48.72
Golf Cart $ 35.00 $ 29.75 $ 28.00
Golf Club Rental 18 Holes- Adult $ 35.00 $ 29.75 $ 28.00
Golf Club Rental 18 Holes- Child $ 17.50 $ 14.88 $ 14.00
Golf Club Rental 9 Holes- Adult $ 23.00 $ 19.55 $ 18.40
Golf Club Rental 9 Holes- Child $ 11.50 $ 9.78 $ 9.20
Golf Practice Facility $ 16.24 $ 13.80 $ 12.99
Golf Practice Facility Plus $ 49.00 $ 41.65 $ 39.20
Golf Twilight- Adult $ 121.80 $ 103.53 $ 97.44
Golf Twilight- Child $ 60.90 $ 51.77 $ 48.72

For more information or to use your points to purchase reservations, meal plans, spa services, golf options and other vacation-enhancing options, please call Member Services at 800-852-4755.

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  • I was told when I purchased I could bank for 5 years, borrow for 5 years and use 100% points for any service offered. Real shocker that none of it is true when you go to use it. Time to sell/cancel timeshare since customer service has refused to honor the written sales contract.

    • Hi Jon,
      I apologize for your experience and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please be advised that I have spoken to Member Services regarding this and an agent will be reaching out to you to clarify this. Please allow up to 48 hours to be contact. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

      Best Regards,


      • I brought it to UVC’s attention last year and was told that they couldn’t do anything, that I had to talk directly to the Resort that sold me the time share since they were the ones that wrote up the contract. Too bad no one at the Resort will talk to me since UVC handles all issues. Classic runaround.
        I’ll reach out to UVC customer service 1 last time to resolve.

  • Why is there no published list of points required to golf in Loreto? These dollar figures alone are substantially higher than the published amounts sent out to us in an e-mail in August. I find the amount being asked to golf there to be very high both in dollars and points. When we bought into Loreto in 2011 we were told by the salesperson that green fees would be very affordable to members. I’m sorry but I don’t find $375 with cart at twilight even remotely affordable.

    • Hi Michael,

      Please contact Member Services at 800-852-4755 or if you would like to know the point values.

      We are working on an Eblast for the price of golf options in points that will be sent out within the next two weeks that will be similar to the eblast you received in August. Please stay tuned for more details.

      Thank you!

  • Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry. We do not sell timeshares however you can do a voluntary surrender of your timeshare by emailing or calling 800-852-4755. Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

  • I have posted a question regarding points, but my post has been removed.
    Why way my original question not answered, and my post removed?


    • Hi Brad,

      The only other comment we have from you on the blog is on the MAC page. It may not have uploaded correctly. Please send us your question regarding points on here or to so we can assist you. thank you!

      • My question is: Why are the available points that a member has available not listed on a member’s account on I think this would be valuable information for the user, and decrease the number of phone inquiries to customer service.
        Thank you,

        • Hi Brad,

          I am forwarding your question to Member Services so they can look into your account and advise what is happening. Thank you!


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